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Clinical Law Review
Published by the AALS, the Clinical Legal Education Association, and the New York University School of Law, the Clinical Law Review is a semi-annual peer-edited journal devoted to issues of lawyering theory and clinical legal education.

Curriculum Innovations
Committee on the Curriculum. Its purpose is to provide legal educators with a way to gain information and share ideas about innovations in the basic design of the educational program we provide for our students.

Databanks for Women and Minority Deans
The concept of the Women Deans' Databank was not only insightful, it was also convenient for both candidates seeking positions as deans and dean search committees looking for individuals to lead their academic programs. The potential of the Women Deans' Databank, evidenced by the appointment of five new women deans during the 1998-1999 academic year and an additional seven women deans during the 1999-2000 academic year, prompted the AALS to institute a Minority Deans' Databank, to raise the percentage of minority dean representation.

Deans & Legal Education Bibliography
This bibliography includes selective brief annotated citations to a variety of articles by and about deans and deaning.

Directory of Law Teachers
The Directory is an annual publication that lists, by school, the full-time faculty and professional staff of all member and fee-paid law schools. It also contains biographical sketches of over 8,000 full-time teachers and law librarians and lists full-time teachers by subject taught. There are also separate listings of minority law teachers and of law school professional staff such as directors of admissions, development, placement, or alumni relations. It also lists the Canadian law schools and their full-time faculty.

Journal of Legal Education
This quarterly publication addresses issues confronting legal educators, including curriculum development and legal scholarship. All full-time members of the faculty of member and fee-paid schools receive a copy.

AALS Membership Information
AALS is an association of U.S. law schools. A school is eligible to apply for membership after it has offered five years of instruction and has graduated its third class.

AALS Membership Requirements
Bylaws and executive committee regulations pertaining to the requirements of membership.

Organizatons Related to Legal Education
A listing of organizations related to legal education and their available contact information

Resource Corps
AALS has established a “Resource Corps” to assist schools in developing the capacity for collegial deliberation and decision-making. The Resource Corps includes respected and experienced legal educators from diverse schools throughout the country.

Resources For Law Students

Resources for Faculty Outside the U.S.

Resources for Law Students and Applicants

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Special Reports
AALS Special and Special Committees issue reports which are distributed to AALS members in the Proceedings and sometimes as separate publications.

AALS Statements of Good Practices
Statements of Good Practices and Related Statements adopted by the Association of American Law Schools

AALS Statistical Report on Law Faculty
Each year the AALS compiles statistical data on the full-time faculty members of the AALS member and fee-paid schools and distributes a summary of the data. The report also includes information on candidates in the AALS Faculty Appointments Register.

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World Directory of Law Schools

An international directory of Law Schools compiled by James P. White, Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis.