AALS Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.    January 2-5, 2003
Sunday Schedule


Sunday, January 5, 2003

8:30-10:15 a.m.
Section on Agricultural Law

Drew L. Kershen, University of Oklahoma, Chair

Wilson A
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Mezzanine Level

Everything You Need to Know About the Constitution You Can Learn in Agricultural Law: Federalism and Commerce from Amber Waves of Grain to Migrating Bald Eagles

(Program to be published in the Agricultural Update.)

Drew L. Kershen, University of Oklahoma

When Endangered Species Are Not Celebrated Jumping Frogs from Calaveras County: Exploring the Commerce Clause Limits on Federal Land Use Regulation
John C. Eastman, Chapman University

Water and the Commerce Clause: The Supreme Court's Inconsistent Use of Metaphor
Christine A. Klein, Michigan State University

Jim Chen, University of Minnesota

Agriculture has provided the factual and contextual fount of many significant constitutional law decisions in the past. Today, agriculture is the source of two significant constitutional contours in federalism and commerce clause power:

  • Resource issues such as water and wildlife that emphasize the dormant commerce clause
  • Federal environmental regulations of waters and land use that emphasize the scope and interpretation of the federal commerce clause.
This program features a speaker on each of these constitutional topics. After their presentations, a third speaker will comment on the presentations.

Business Meeting at Program Conclusion

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