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AALS Membership

AALS is an association of U.S. law schools. A school is eligible to apply for membership after it has offered five years of instruction and has graduated its third class. Below are several documents related to AALS Membership.

Member Schools

Membership Requirements (Bylaws and Executive Committee Regulations)

Deans Memos:

Interpretive Principles to Guide Religiously-Affiliated Member Schools as They Implement Bylaw 6-3 (a) and Executive Committee Regulation 6-3.1

Procedures for Obtaining Membership in the Association
The Association of American Law Schools is, as its name states, an association of law schools. This memorandum describes the procedures to be followed in seeking membership in the AALS. Membership signifies that a law school has met the rigorous requirements specified in the AALS Bylaws and Executive Committee Regulations.

Responsibilities of a Consultant on Readiness
The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) requires that a law school planning to apply for membership in the Association engage a consultant on readiness to advise on whether its program is in compliance with AALS membership criteria. The consultant must meet with the Executive Director at the time of his or her selection by the applicant to review the Association's membership requirements. These requirements serve the interests of potential applicants by avoiding the frustrations that might flow from premature application for membership.